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Cannabis: Find Your Dose

Dear Potential Cannabis Activist,

So you want to know how to use Cannabis to help with … (insert one of hundreds of underlying health conditions)


When working with holistic medicine, and specifically, the cannabis plant, the dosage is inherently personal. One person could eat 2mg of THC and feel positively radiant, whereas another person could eat 2000mg and not even feel the relief that they’re trying to find. It can be confusing to navigate finding your Optimal Dose for new and even very experienced patients.

In light of that, here are some tips and tricks that we use (almost) every day to help dose cannabis in a constructive and functional way!


If you have never used Cannabis, or you know you have a low tolerance, always start by dosing 1-5mg and move up in increments of 1mg. (YES. I SAID THAT RIGHT. 1MG!) This could mean a quarter of one gummy bear, or just one puff off that joint. After 15 minutes, revisit how you feel and dose accordingly, one dose at a time!

I would also urge that beginner and even moderate users stick to either tinctures, edibles, or dry herb, as many distilled concentrates have a very potent percentage of THC and are much easier to “overdose” on and can create unwanted symptoms. These extracts can sometimes include chemical solvents (like ethanol and butane) that can be harmful and unnecessary.

  • Listen to Your Body!

The process of supporting your body with holistic medicine is always trial and error based. If you try something and you don’t like it, cut back and try a smaller dose next time! It’s a brave thing to try and tackle your health on your own! Sometimes we stumble and fall (aka get waaaayy too high) but remember, the most beneficial part of working with natural medicine is that as far as drugs go, they’re by far the safest and most forgiving ones around. There’s virtually no fear of “overdosing” or harming yourself with an over-intake of cannabis, except maybe a little paranoia and a lot of the munchies.

  • Be Open to Learning and Growing With Cannabis

There are so many things I learn on a daily basis about cannabis, and other adaptogenic herbs for that matter, and the journey is never ending!

For instance, did you know someone who doesn’t have a gallbladder does not have the ability to process THC through their liver? So when dosing via edibles, instead of using the THC, their body will literally throw it away because it doesn’t know how to break it down!

  • Ratios between CBD and THC are SUPER important!

Various ratios can be more effective to target different ailments too! THC and CBD are just two of the 140+ Cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant, and their relationship is converse.

THC is most well-known as the psychoactive component in the plant, and also helps support many analgesic and nervous system issues. CBD on the other hand is non-psychoactive and also has a mitigating effect on THC. That is, a ratio high in THC and low in CBD can actually boost the psychoactive effects of THC!

On the flip side, a high CBD and low THC ratio (3 parts CBD:1 part THC specifically) will cancel out almost all psychoactive effects of the THC! This also means if ever you are way too high, take a large dose of CBD (AT LEAST 3x the amount of THC) to help counter the side effects!

I will be writing a blog post all about other different ratios between CBD and THC and how they can help with specific ailments, but that is a conversation for another time.

  • Set Yourself Up for Success!

A few common side effects of cannabis can include drowsiness, paranoia, sudden onset appetite increase, creative bursts of energy or thought, and forgetfulness! Always make sure you’re in a safe space when dosing.

If you do have a hard time coping with any of these symptoms, a few great ideas are: have a pillow/bed handy, snackies at the ready, maybe a drawing utensil and paper or a good book, and above all else, forgiveness for yourself when, not if, you lose something and can’t find it for a little while. The journey is the fun part, so lean in and enjoy the experience!

  • Source Your Marijuana From Someone Who Cares!

Making sure you are sourcing your cannabis from a grow that doesn’t use harmful chemical pesticides is paramount when buying your medicine. Many of these harmful chemicals are the reasons for so many illnesses that appear in our day to day life and can clog up your nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, and can take the medicine you’re using to help support your body and turn it into a poison.

Also look for our upcoming blog post on why you should start growing your own cannabis at home. The power that we give the companies and governments who grow our medicine is not only dangerous, but unnecessary! It is not that hard, and the learning curve for growing Cannabis is one of the most forgiving out of all of the plants I have grown to date.

The most difficult part of working with cannabis as a medicine is the stigma behind it. The fact that many humans have had the mantra “Weed is a Gateway Drug” downloaded into their subconscious for over 50 years by their governments keeps many people from even trying Cannabis. We don’t need to go there right now but we will cover Cannabis history and stigma in the blogs to come as well!

As well, many people have experienced cannabis in completely different dosages and dosing methods, with varying qualities and with different harmful contaminants, which adds to this stigma! This is why your cousin Susie has such a huge fear of smoking again, or why your Uncle Tom will never take another brownie from a stranger.

The general assumption is that, like many other drugs, the effects of Cannabis are fairly similar from person to person. But the opposite could not be more true.Your body will always tell you what it needs. Let’s normalize tuning in and hearing the messages it has for us, instead of drowning them out using harmful chemical pharmaceuticals.


The Occultist

P.S. As always, feel free to comment or message me at with any specific questions! Cannabis, and herbal medicine in general, are my favorite topics to not only speak on but learn about as well!

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