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Our mission at Occultist Wares is to illuminate the lives of the people around us by creating life changing botanically derived ideas! Sourced from organic, sustainable, and local ingredients, our handmade small-batch process allows us to uphold our extremely high standards without any compromise to the earth's natural resources!



Medicated Salve

Moisturize and protect against full body inflammation with our Organic, Small Batch Topical! Infused with 11 Botanical Extracts, as well as CBD, this product smells amazing and is a great gift for everyday use to help repair your skin!


Occultist Tinctures

Imbue any food or drink with a dose of Whole Plant Small Batch Magic, or add under your tongue for fastest absorption to help fight total body inflammation!


Body Scrubs

Gently exfoliate and moisturize in the shower with a blend of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Raw Turbinado Sugar and hand infused with several botanical extracts!


Bath Salts

Turn your bath or foot soak into a magical spa with our Epsom and Sea Salt Soak. Release muscle tension and reduce whole body inflammation while detoxifying your skin!

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